January 18, 2021

Rising truck prices in the United States and Canada

Vancouver, BC – Prices of used equipment are rising, with the biggest increase in industrial trucks, according to Richie Brothers.

Canadian equipment and truck tractor prices rose 2% in the fourth quarter, compared to the same period in 2019, the latest from auctioneers. Used tool market trends report Says. Truck tractor prices have risen 8% in the United States.

Industrial truck prices are up 4% in both countries.

Alberta counts itself in the top 5 selling and buying areas for Richie Brothers in North America, while British Columbia and Ontario join the top 5 buying regions in that province.

All of its auctions are currently being conducted online due to Covit-19.

In the third quarter, the average price for dump trucks south of the border reached $ 65,000 per truck. “Quarterly pricing is consistent compared to previous years, although significantly lower than in 2017-2019,” says Richie Brothers.

Kenworth, Mac and Peterbuild are the dump truck brands that sell it.

Fuel and loop trucks averaged $ 20,000 in the third quarter, up 21% from the previous three months. Top selling brands in this category include Ford, International and Peterbuild.

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