October 6, 2022


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Rodrigo Delgado: No political prisoner in Chi Chile. | Chile DW in DW

The bill, which is being debated by the Chilean Congress, is part of a “false precedent” for the release of detainees detained during the 2019 social uprisings, which the country’s interior and public security minister said. Rodrigo Delcado, in an interview published this Sunday (08/08/2021).

“Those who lost their freedom committed crimes in the context of the social explosion, but the crimes. There is no political prisoner in Chile because no one has lost their freedom because of how they think,” the secretary of state told a local newspaper. Wednesday. “This is a plan that is inconsistent and more than an apology. Therefore, this opinion does not apply,” Delcado said, adding that the Constitution did not rule out taking the plan to court to prevent it from becoming law.

The plan, which is being promoted by the left-wing opposition, is in its infancy and is currently only being discussed in Senate committees, but it is one of the most controversial issues in the country.

Several demonstrations take place each week in the center of Santiago, demanding the release of those they consider “political prisoners”, and the issue occupies the work of the organization that drafts Chile’s new constitution. A public statement to ask Congress to expedite the discussion of the plan.

The National Attorney’s Office has indicted 25 people for crimes committed in the wake of the social uprising between October 18 and December 31, 2019, and is currently in custody. All people are adults and one completed murder and three frustrated, Molotov cocktails are being investigated for activation and intrusion, intimidation or violent robbery, arson or illegal possession of weapons.

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