July 2, 2022


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Russia and China are due to hold joint military exercises in August

Sukhoi Su-47. Fighter, artillery and armored aircraft will be involved in joint Russia-China military exercises. Photo: Wikipedia

Thousands of troops from Russian and Chinese forces are taking part in a joint maneuver between the two countries in mid-August, the defense ministry said in Moscow on Thursday.

“A total of 10,000 troops will take part in the joint maneuver,” the Russian Defense Ministry said, according to Interfox.

He said it was about the Jibu (Interaction) 2021 maneuvers taking place in the Chinese region, which will be attended by uniformed Russian members of the eastern military district.

The exercises will be conducted in the Qingdongx range of Chinese military ground forces located in the Hui Autonomous Region of Ningxia, the center of the Asian nation.

The Russian Defense Ministry has indicated that “fighter jets, artillery and armored aircraft will take part in the exercises. The direction of the maneuvers is the responsibility of the joint command of the two countries’ military committees. “

The organization pointed out that the August exercises were aimed at deepening Russian-Chinese relations, strategic association and contacts of the forces, and enhancing military cooperation and friendship between the two countries’ armed forces.

He also highlighted the decision taken by Russia and China to strengthen cooperation in the fight against terrorism and to maintain peace and stability in the region.

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