September 30, 2022

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Russia and Cuba celebrated the 104th anniversary of the October Revolution

Thousands of people in Moscow this Sunday commemorated the 104th anniversary of the October Revolution, the beginning of the Soviet Union and the first socialist state in history.

104th October Revolution moscu f cubadebate“In Red Square and Manoj Square we carried out an act of patriotic left-wing forces commemorating the October Revolution, which united many people, about two thousand people,” said Sergei Udaltsov, coordinator of the Left Front. Echo of the Moscow station.

For his part, Gen. Djukovic, a senior leader of the Russian Communists, called for the celebration of the anniversary “for all Russian patriots.”

During a press conference in Red Square, Zyuganov called November 7 “the most important holiday” for the country that created “a new world.”

“As long as we remain loyal to that party, we will achieve new victories and new achievements,” said the politician who has led the Communist Party of Russia since 1994.

According to the website of the Communists, commemorations of the Russian Revolution took place in different Russian regions.

Russian Communists commemorate the Bolshevik Revolution each year with different events, although this date was discontinued as an official holiday in Russia in the mid-2000s.

Cuba commemorates the October Revolution on its 104th anniversary

104th October Revolution of Cuba facnFlower offerings from the Revolutionary Armed Forces, the People’s Alliance of Cuba, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus were laid this morning at the Soviet International Soldier’s Cemetery to mark the 104th anniversary of the great October victory. Socialist revolution.

Speaking at the ceremony, chaired by Major General Roberto Legra Sodolongo, FAR’s Deputy Minister and Head of the Public Service, Belarusian Ambassador Valery Valeryevich reaffirmed that his people uphold the legacy of those who created the October Revolution.

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Brigadier General Antonio Carpelo Sardinas, head of the MINFAR’s Directorate, stressed that Cuba admired the Soviets for their patriotism in saving the world from barbarism.

Referring to that historical fact, he recalled that Fidel had stated that a socialist revolution was not possible in Cuba without the Soviet Union.

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