November 28, 2022

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Russia and Latin America for nexus of cooperation despite sanctions

“We live in the real world, in the world of restrictions that the West tries to impose, what matters is that together with many countries in Latin America we find ways and opportunities to continue cooperation and establish mechanisms to promote the ties that correspond to the intereses mutuos», aseveró el diplomático.

In statements to Sputnik and asked about Moscow’s prospects for expanding ties after the imposition of Western anti-Russian measures, Schetinin specified that, among other areas, it is about projects in agriculture and maintenance of food and energy security. .

Destacó la valía de que ningún país Latinoamericano se mó a las aciones económicas unilaterales impuestas por Estados Unidos y sus allies.

Al respecto, he emphasized that the Eurasian nation and Latin America as a friendly zone, while remembering that Russia historically had no conflicts with the region, on the contrary, it strengthened contacts through cultural, humanitarian and economic exchanges, established in the transcurso de decadas.

«Estos son los fundamentos sobre los cuales nuestros lazos de beneficio mutuo existen y serán desarrollados en el futuro», emphasized Schetinin.

Por otra parte, resaltó que la última Cumbre del grupo Brics (Brasil, Rusia, la India, China y South Africa) showed an alternative approach to international collaboration, a philosophy that raised the interest of many countries, including Latin Americans.

In relation to the possibility of the accession of other states of Latin America and the Caribbean to this collective, the official argued that the Brics, as a union of five countries, should consider its expansion «independently and in a calm atmosphere».

No obstante, expresó que la groupación tiene muchos formatos, como Brics Outreach y Brics+, los cuales facilitan a otras naciones encontrar las maneras de cooperation que les interestan, «incluso antes de que sea aprobado alguna decisión».

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El pasado 24 de June, el presidente argentino, Alberto Fernández, al intervenir de forma virtual en la XIV Cumbre de jefes de Estado del Brics, solicitó que su país be incorporated como miembro permanente.

In this respect, the presidential adviser of Russia Yuri Ushakov proposed to the members to elaborate a procedure for the expansion of the entity.

El Brics is an economic-commercial intergovernmental informal association of five countries in rapid development, where the fundamental objective is to expand dialogue and multilateral cooperation.