July 2, 2022


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Russia demands immediate security guarantees from the West

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin this week clarified that legitimate security guarantees must be provided by the West and the Kremlin, while explaining the proposals to the United States and NATO.

In recent days, the Russian president has spoken by telephone with French President Emmanuel Macron about this and other issues; President of the German Federal Republic, Olaf Scholes; Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Petal; And a week ago with Finnish President Sauli Ninisto and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

In every conversation with his colleagues and at his annual press conference, Putin demanded that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) stop advancing east and expressed concern about the situation in Ukraine, which has become a threat to your country as well. .

In an exchange with reporters this Thursday, Moscow assured that such a situation would be “loud and clear” and that his country’s actions would not depend on the course of negotiations with Washington and NATO. Russia’s own defense.

“Did we put missiles on the US border?” No. The United States has reached our home with its missiles and it is on your doorstep, ”he stressed.

The Russian president asked if it was an exaggerated and rare demand that the West should not place more missile systems near Russia, while questioning what the US reaction would be if Moscow placed its missiles on the border with Mexico or Canada.

He said only NATO countries should provide security guarantees to Russia “immediately and now”, in response to a question about what Moscow can guarantee that it will not attack Ukraine or any other sovereign country.

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According to Putin, it is not the Russian side that poses threats to other countries. “Did we come to the borders of the United States or to the borders of the United Kingdom? They came here. Now they say Ukraine will be in NATO. Then the systems will be placed there, ”he clarified.

According to the president, Russia was “blatantly deceived” in the 1990s when he promised that the Atlantic Alliance would not grow eastward.

He then warned that there were five waves of NATO expansion, and while talking about placing them in Ukraine, he denounced that their armed organizations were now stationed in Romania and Poland.

Putin reiterated that his country had drafted its proposals on security guarantees in a constructive and expeditious manner to Washington and the Euro-Atlantic military base.

He noted that Moscow was ready to discuss the documents with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

He revealed that so far, his country has seen a positive response from the United States to his proposals on legal security guarantees.

“Our US partners are telling us that they are ready to start this discussion and these talks in Geneva earlier this year. Representatives of both parties have been appointed. I hope the situation will develop in that direction,” the Russian president stressed.