October 4, 2022


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Russia is at the base of a military base in the Norwegian region of Ukraine | Noticias

The Ministry of Defense of Russia informs this entry into the Destroy of one of the bases militarized in the regiment of Zhitomir, limtrofe with Belarus.


Russia’s destination is a depository in Armas in El Ukraine

In our reporting habit, the portfolio of the Minister of Defense Ruso, Kongor Konashénkov indicates that in our operations, the utilizer utilized miscellaneous kinzhal, he used us in the conflicts of Ukraine fue anasido on the first page.

Konashinkov is one of the base militarized destinations in the United States of America for the purpose of providing combatants extensions, establishing acrobatics for combat forces.

The military will inform you about the Armada Rusa Lanzós cruiser Caliber des El Mar Negro to destruct various variants of repair vehicle vehicles blinds ezrocito Ukraniano.

Mindras, a gran depot of combustibles and lubricants in the regula of Nikolyev fue destruido with misles lanzados des mar caspio.

This is the latest in a long line of gunpowder attacks on 62 militias in Ukraine, including the past of the past, one of the most powerful, most powerful armaments and communications, and 52 of the most concentrated war games in the war games.

Según portavoz del Ministerio de Defense, des el inicio de la opera service special in this Ukraine, las fires in our pais han destruido 207 drones, 1.467 tanques et otros vehiculos blindaso 14 li 57sujste queries mortars, and 1.262 vehicle bicycles militaristic specs.

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