September 25, 2022

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Russia is one of the most intriguing and active operating systems in Ukraine.

In the declaration of this domo al canal television Russia 1, the alto functionic manifesto that firma de un acuerdo como colofin de las negociaciones entre moscú and Kiev será a paso important hacia li conflicts bilateral in hosts sites.

“Espero which is the result of los ezurers that is the hackneyedo in terminos negociaciones ruso-rankranianas tlomiemn tombién firma de algún tipo document, and this será an important pass ha liqueur high key.

In the case of the French premier Kremlin reformer, Russo, Vladimir Putin, can reunite with homologians, Vladimir Zelensky, and so on, in a red textbook or a textbook with low passwords.

“Putin nunca rechazó tal reunión, y tal reunión, sí, es hypotéticamente posible”, dijo Peskov, which subrayós necesidad de que “madure un document concerto, no un conjunto de ideas”. Enfatizó que “entonces llgará el moment for tal reunión”.

In this part of the program, you can no longer hail an aislemento completely complement Russia or that is the temprano se establecero with Occidente, “lo quiera o no elro lado del ocano”.

“This technology is technically imposing on our mind. The world is more or less the largest country in Europe and Russia is the largest country in Europe ”, advocate.

Russia is on the 24th of February in a military operation in Ukraine, which is the official autocroclamadic republic of the Donetsk and Lugansk solicitations for repeating the password of the new password of the site.

Antes, Mosco reconciles independence and sobranía ambos territorios and firm tratados de amistad, co-operate and assistancia mutua with your friends, los qululun e ellsimiooo dclmoioniess diplomacy in the military.

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In order to disclose information about the operation of Inicio, President Ruso, Vladimir Putin, affirm that he is the protector of the Donbass’s abusive and genocidio Kiev’s Destroy Online Game Game | “Desnazificar” Ukraine.

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