November 28, 2022

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Russia rejects “ridiculous” NATO declarations

Russia rejects “ridiculous” NATO declarations

2022-07-01 12:55:07 / Noticiero Nacional de Radio

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Serguéi Lavrov, called “ridiculous” the declarations that the Organization of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (OTAN) is a defensive alliance.

Lavrov referred to a representative of the White House, quien reiteró hace poco that Moscow has no fear of NATO, because this bloc is a defensive alliance.

But Lavrov responded to this comment, considering it ridiculous, and affirming that débéria darle vergüenza a los adultos que dicen tonterías tan obvias como que la OTAN no es una amenaza.

Durante su discourse ante estudiantes y profesores belorrusos en Minsk, Lavrov affirmed that the existence of the Atlantic Alliance became meaningless when the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union ceased to exist..

Sin embargo, después de eso, la OTAN se expandedió cinco veces hacia el Este europeo, recalcó Lavrov.

Serguéi Lavrov called

Meanwhile, his vice chancellor, Alexander Grushkó, commented today that the recognition by NATO of Russia as a threat is a bet to confront the Euroasian country on all fronts, in all areas.

When intervening in a meeting of the Club Internacional de Debates Valdái, Grushkó considered that it does not matter what NATO says about the defensive activities of the new strategy approved by the bloc at its summit in Madrid, because el verdadero vector de su actividad militar está predepredado: es la disuasión de Rusia.

Likewise, Grushkó declared that the result of the Madrid meeting of NATO demonstrated that the alliance had returned to the military security schemes of the Cold War era, and made a 180-degree turn toward the Asia-Pacific region, al anuncia que las políticas y ambiciones de China desafían sus intereses, seguridad y valores.

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De ese modo, according to Grushkó, la OTAN intends to demonstrate that it is globalizingdeclaring the whole world as its zone of interest and essentially questioning the right of China to develop as one of the poles of a multipolar world.

At the same time, the Russian vice chancellor pointed out that Moscow will analyze the decisions of the alliance in a very deep way both from the political and military point of view, including from the angle of the adoption of the necessary measures, which must guarantee 100 percent of the legitimate interests of security and defense of the Slavic nation.

The spokesman of the Kremlin, Dimitri Peskov, reaffirmed today that Russian troops will not shoot at targets and civil infrastructures during the ongoing operation in Ukraine.

The spokesman of the Kremlin, Dimitri Peskov, reaffirmed today that Russian troops will not shoot at targets and civil infrastructures during the ongoing operation in Ukraine.

Hours after an alleged launch of Russian missiles over a residential block and a summer resort to the southwest of the Ukrainian city of Odesa, Peskov repeated once more the words of the president, Vladimir Putin.

Peskov stressed that the Armed Forces of Russia only aim to deposit munitions, companies that are dedicated to the adaptation, repair and storage of military equipment and munitions, places of concentration, formation and training of mercenaries, particularly foreigners, and nationalist elements.

La Fiscalía de la Provincia ucraniana de Odesa assured today that at least 19 civilians, among them an 11-year-old child, died and 38 more people, among them 6 minors, were hospitalized as a result of a missile attack on a residential building. nueve pisos ya una base de veraneo.

In the field of the energy crisis Europea por sus sanctions against Russia, The Hungarian prime minister, Viktor Orbán, said that his country would not cede to its European partners en lo referente a las sanciones contra la industria rusa del gas.

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Un defiant Orban advirtió que no está discutiendo propuestas que difficulten el acceso húngaro al gas ruso, ni está buscando un compromiso, sino que no tiene nada que debatir.

The prime minister of Hungary pointed out that Budapest has never been a party to the politics of sanctions, but it has to keep up with its partners in the European Union, and insisted on seeking a political solution to the armed conflict in Ukraine, an immediate ceasefire. y negociaciones de paz.