November 28, 2022

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Russia talks about US spying on European leaders

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Sajarova said revelations that the US National Security Agency (NSA) had aided Denmark to spy on European politicians were ‘only the tip of the iceberg’ and that NATO countries themselves had not done so..

I think this is actually the tip of the iceberg The situation is very scary To NATO member states’, He said To journalist Vladimir Solovio on his YouTube channel this Tuesday.

According to a spokesman, the Atlantic Alliance and the European Union are deliberately trying not to talk about the story. “It’s very embarrassing, but the truth is now more frightening than it appears from time to time in the media. I think They have no idea what is going on in their territory, He said in detail.

Jazarova noted that the United States “has excluded itself from any legal coordination body.”Supervisor for everyone and everything. “Perhaps now he has decided to throw that bone at his allies and allow them not to be associated with the rules,” he added.

Unprecedented research

According to Information During an internal investigation into Danish intelligence, Copenhagen helped access its communications systems for the United States. You can keep an eye on your neighbors.

Among the politicians spied on by the NSA are, thanks to this cooperation German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Then-Foreign Minister and current German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and former German opposition leader Peer Steinbrook. In addition to prominent German political figures, Americans have also weighed in on the communications of senior officials from Sweden, Norway and France, covering the years 2012 and 2014, according to surveyed data.

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Following the release of a media investigation into Copenhagen’s role in spying on European leaders, Snowden also spoke out, accusing US President Joe Biden of being “deeply involved” in the situation.

Response from European leaders

This Monday, French President Emmanuel Macron, He said What Expect “total clarity” About these expressions. During a video conference with the German chancellor, Macron said that such behavior would be “unacceptable” if the EU partner, the United States, confirmed the allegations. The French leader added that he was waiting for an explanation from the United States and Denmark on the spy allegations.

For his part, Merkel said she accepted Macron’s position on the matter.

Meanwhile, Serbian President Alexander Vusic, Rated Defamatory expressions. «This is slander! If you ask Angela Merkel, imagine what Belarus would have done: what sanctions would be imposed against Belarus! If Lukashenko had asked Angela Merkel with Russia’s help, what would they have done to Russia and Belarus? Vusic asked in an interview with a Serbian channel.