October 6, 2022


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Ryaner crashes into Belarusian President Vladimir Putin | International | News

A Ryanair corporate plane flying between Greece and Lithuania was diverted by a military plane and forced to land in Belarus.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko told his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in detail about the forced landing on May 23 of the Ryanair flight, which en route between Athens and Vilna, the Kremlin announced today.

Also, Putin asked Lukashenko for an explanation about the arrest of Sofia Sabeka, a Russian citizen who went with the opposition journalist Roman Prodrosevich, who was arrested after a controversial landing in Minsk.

The Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov quoted Interfax as saying, “At the initiative of the Russian president, the issue of a Russian citizen who has been arrested and is now in custody has been resolved.”

Putin and Lukashenko resumed talks on Saturday on the shores of the Black Sea in the Russian resort of Sochi, which began Friday afternoon and lasted more than 5 hours, official sources said.

A telegram channel affiliated with the Belarusian president wrote that today’s talks, unlike the previous day’s meeting, were conducted in an informal manner and released a picture of Putin and Lukashenko talking on a boat.

Third meeting between leaders

According to a Kremlin spokesman, the meeting between the two leaders was the third so far this year, “constructive.”

Peskov stressed that Belarus had provided Russia with “all the necessary information” about the incident with the Ryanair plane, but if there was such a need, it could provide “additional data”.

The Kremlin’s representative responded to a question about the contents of a box that Lukashenko had brought to Putin’s meeting yesterday with “some documents” on the incident that led to international corruption.

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Belarus, amid pressure and sanctions to arrest an opposition journalist

In the case of the Ryanair aircraft, Russia supports a “serious approach,” Peskov said.

“We were against a number of inquiries, which were more sensitive than significant. We support a radical approach in the field of international aviation based on international law,” he added.

Peskov also announced that the Ministries of Transport of the two countries would continue to coordinate their operations in view of the restrictions imposed on Belarusian state airline Belarus to fly to Europe.

“Problems related to the establishment of air traffic were resolved in view of the decision taken by European authorities and several airlines to avoid (Belarusian) airspace and to make Belavia an undesirable guest in European cities,” he said.

Earlier, the leaders of Russia and Belarus announced the acquisition of new routes to Russian cities from Belavia after the telegram channel Bull Pervoko vetoed the company in the European Union.

Belavia’s director general, Igor Serginets, called the European sanctions on airlines “small” this Saturday, and Brussels regretted punishing Belavia before an investigation could begin into the forced landing of the Ryanair plane. Relationship.

“Maybe the culprits are under investigation but they are not from Belavia,” the manager said in a message posted on Facebook. (I)