September 30, 2022

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Sandra Mason, the first leader of Barbados – Juventus Rebel

Bridgetown, Oct. 20.- Dame Sandra Mason, former Governor-General of Barbados, was elected the first president of the Caribbean island nation this Wednesday, which recently decided to end the relationship with the British Crown. Telesur reported.

In a joint session, both houses of parliament approved the nomination by a secret ballot with a 45-0 vote.

The announcement of Dame Sandra Mason as head of state will take place on November 30, Independence Day, which will officially end the UK’s administrative subjugation.

The event that defined the life of Barbados from London set a precedent in the parliamentary vote on September 30, when the attempt for a change in the constitution would transform the country into a republic and end relations with Great Britain. There was unanimous support in the legislature, Russia Today reported.

On October 12, in a jointly signed letter, Prime Minister Mia Amore Motley and the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Bishop Joseph JS Atherley, resigned as an opposition senator this Wednesday. Session

Dame Sandra Mason, 72, a lawyer, has served as the country’s governor general since January 2018. He was a member of the Supreme Court for many years and later became the first Barbadian to serve on the Court of Appeal. .

Among other responsibilities, he has been a member of the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child since 1991, when it was formed, until 1999.

Barbados was established as a British colony in 1966, but belonged to the United Kingdom, which had occupied the Caribbean since 1625. As a result of Prime Minister Modi’s assessment in September, the goal of a “long journey” was achieved.

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“This is a conversation that has been growing since December 1998,” he revealed, adding that in this way they would close the “circle regarding freedom”.