October 6, 2022


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Scientists and the government in Uruguay are widening the gap – Brenza Latin

Through tricks, antibodies focus on drastically reducing the prevention of infectious movement or reopening more and more measures, President Louis Lagalle Pau considers in his preferred economic ‘bubble’.

Earlier in the week, GACH epidemiologist Juan Gill confirmed that there were no conditions in the country for the high number of COV-19 community infections.

According to the official statistical summary, 38 percent of deaths in Uruguay occurred in May, more than 1,660 in the previous month and are close to 5,000 since the outbreak began.

Such information contradicts GACH’s earlier recommendation to protect both months with strict cycle controls, and ended with an average of 54 daily deaths.

During this period, the government approved the reopening of gyms and duty-free shops on the Brazilian border and announced plans to resume theatrical performances.

According to Gustavo Greco, president of the Uruguayan Medical Association, the need for movement control measures to reduce the number of Govt-19 infections in the country is imperative.

Senators from the Brad Front, members of the Diversified Parliamentary Infection Surveillance Commission who met with the president, later expressed frustration at the lack of results.

Oscar Andrade, ‘The scientific community has unanimously expressed the need to take action to reduce the number of infections and deaths’ and some departments have proposed tools to stay at home. In a televised interview, Lagalle Bou confirmed that the government had followed 24 of the 27 recommendations sent by the GACH on February 7 to combat the social epidemic of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Of infection.

But the group’s experts said the rejected measures were, for example, restricting the timing of non-essential shops, demanding that community meetings be held only between co-operatives or imposing telephone calls on non-essentials. Private sector.

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Its co-ordinator, Professor Rafael Roddy, criticized the lack of strong measures to control transmission waves, announcing that GACH was preparing in its advisory role for the presidency the ‘end of the cycle’ of its performance with an ‘elegant exit’. , Which will take place next Monday.

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