July 2, 2022


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Siomara Castro has the most votes in the history of Honduras The Most Important News and Analysis of Latin America | DW

Siomara Castro, Honduras’ virtual president-elect, was the first of all governors to receive 80.66% of the vote in the November 28 election, with 1.4 million votes in favor of the Central American nation. , Took place this Saturday (12.04.2021).

According to the latest update from the National Electoral Council (CNE), Castro – Libertad y Refundación (LIBRE)’s leader – 1,409,689 votes (50.63%), while Nasry Asfura’s 999,214 (35.89%), the ruling National Party (PN). Castro led the coalition between LIBRE and the bipartisan National Opposition Union of Honduras (UNOH) and ran for president only.

Castro’s milestone in legislative fraud allegations

Of the other presidents elected since 1981, none were able to add even 1.2 million votes, which contradicts the results of Siomaro Castro, without concluding the study.

According to the results of the Congress, 62.20% of the minutes are CNE, parties LIBRE, PN, Salvador from Honduras And the Liberal Party, which wins the most seats in the 128-member parliament. The ballot exam takes place amidst numerous allegations and denunciations of “fraud” that week by LIBRE, PN and candidates Salvador from Honduras, Others argue that they should be replaced in order to gain legislative power.

The Ministry of Public Works protects the CNE facilities where all election materials are processed, and in the event of incidents of violence arising as a result of claims, so far everything has gone by transparent nature.

For its part, the CNE extended the deadline for challenges due to irregularities in the results for all positions elected by the people. Complaints of “fraud” alleged by some candidates for representation are being investigated by the Ministry of Public Works and the Electoral Court.

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The three councilors of the CNE reiterated that all challenges would be resolved and that those who changed the minutes and who committed the other abuses would be prosecuted if verified. Since returning to constitutional order in 1980, CNE has processed 2.89 million votes out of 5.18 million people in Honduras’ eleventh general election, until 1:00 pm (7:00 pm) local time.

Ama (Efe, Herald)