November 28, 2022

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Slow rate of vaccine against Govt-19 indicated in US – Brenza Latin

“We see the emergence of two worlds: one is rapidly returning to normal and the other is recovery in the distant future,” said Dr. Karisa Etienne, director of the International Health Organization.

He pointed out that in some countries of the region three per cent of the population has been vaccinated, while in others one per cent has not been reached.

In the United States, for example, more than 40 percent of people have completed their dose, compared to what is happening in countries such as Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru, where only three percent are vaccinated, and Guatemala, Honduras and Trinidad and Tobago are not even one percent, he explained.

Less than three million people in the Caribbean and Central America have completed the vaccination schedule, the PAHO executive continued.

‘Inequality is often dictated by who has the right to health,’ he lamented; In this case, the supply of vaccines is concentrated in a few countries, while most parts of the world are waiting for distribution.

Dr. Etienne said that if current trends continue, health, social and economic imbalances in the region will further increase and it may take many years for the virus to be brought under control in the United States.

In this context, he called for the urgent expansion of vaccines and for giving priority to countries where even vulnerable people are not yet protected.

The PAHO representative said the United States initially donated six million doses and Spain pledged $ 5 million, while Canada pledged $ 41 million to expand access to vaccines in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Other countries, especially those with dose surpluses and global financial institutions, have called for these measures to be followed to provide the necessary support to protect the 70 percent of the population who do not fall under the Kovacs mechanism for equal distribution of vaccines. AntivCovid-19.

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