September 25, 2022

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Socialists in Spain demand ownership of European funds

Therefore, all activities related to the Covid-19 epidemic are a new favorite issue of the European Party Popular Party (PP) and its leader Pablo Married, which has been campaigning for vaccinations and more recently helping members of the community.

Alleged lack of transparency in money, in multi-million dollar figures, government head Pedro Sanchez; And its ministers The distribution of aid within the European Union (EU) is a delicate, comprehensive process in which there is no room for options or deliberate mistakes.

EU circles, consulted by Brenza Latina, were surprised to see these barrage of criticisms of the PP, questioning the practice by which they carry out with extreme restraint, in which, in any case, the essential thing is transparency and a commitment to the use of these funds. In which the model of the Spanish continent.

In this regard, Federico Cecilia, spokesman for the Federal Executive of the Socialist Workers Party of Spain (PSOE) (PSOE), urged Pablo Casado to apologize for his ridicule of the government for questioning European financing.

Cecilia accused the leader of the main Spanish opposition force of “denying the reality of good employment data” and considered it absurd to question the EU’s regulatory mechanisms when assessing Spain’s compliance to obtain European funding from the next – generation plan.

A PSOE spokesman said on social media that “Casado should apologize today for continuing to question the management of European funds, but above all for embarrassing others by mocking him by questioning these funds.”

Spain has the blessing of the European Union, for which Sicily called on Casado to stop boycotting and blocking, and to try to “realize and apologize for the achievements of this country.”

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