October 4, 2022


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South Africa rejects US siege of Cuba – Brenza Latin

In a statement issued here, the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) and the International Union of Public Service Workers and Allies (TUI PS & A) called on the UNGA and its member states to vote in favor of the end. ‘Genocidal siege against Cuba’ imposed by US.

In recent years, the Donald Trump administration has imposed more than 249 new hostile economic measures and unilateral sanctions against Cuba, in defiance of the terms of UNGA Resolution 74/7 and many similar to the previous one.

This includes text, fines and other sanctions against third-party companies for maintaining relations with Cuba; The inclusion of Cuban companies in the unilateral embargo list; The possibility of filing lawsuits under Title III of the Exodus Helms-Burton Act; The growing persecution of financial and business transactions in Cuba.

Similarly, it adds to the harassment and intimidation of companies sending fuel supplies to Cuba; Intense campaign to discredit Cuba’s international medical cooperation programs.

Currently, TUI PS & A condemns the Joe Biden administration for putting all of these measures into practice.

For its part, the Cuban Association of South African Alumni in Cuba (Gaza), made up mostly of health professionals, along with engineers, economists, academics and members of the armed forces, confirmed to the United States that it was time for an “unjust, inhumane and vicious economic blockade against the republic of Cuba.” .

The union said in a statement that the siege violated international law and violated the right of a sovereign state to peace, development and security.

This is a unilateral aggression and a permanent threat to Cuba’s national stability and a violation of the sovereignty of many countries, he added.

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In the midst of the Govt-19 epidemic, the US government’s subjecting Cuba to these utterly genocidal economic restrictions is a brutal and perverse move.

Gaza concludes that we will always support the Cuban revolution and mobilize our nation and our beautiful continent and other nations to oppose this inhumane, irrational and brutal siege of the United States against the peaceful nation of Cuba.

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