September 30, 2022

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Sudan.- Germany suspends aid to Sudan due to coup

Madrid, 27 Oct. (Europe Press) –

German Foreign Minister Heiko Moss announced on Wednesday that the European Union would suspend aid to Sudan, coordinated by Berlin, within the framework of international obligations, unless the plot is brought to an “immediate end”.

“If this does not end immediately, the military coup will have serious consequences for the international commitment that Germany has supported and consolidated in recent years (…) Germany will not continue its support under these conditions,” Mass said. Statement published by his portfolio.

The German diplomat stressed that Berlin “maintains close contact” with its allies “in order to find a common path” to this support, which began at a conference on Sudan in the German capital in June 2020. .

At that meeting, more than 50 countries and international organizations expressed their “strong support” for Khartoum in political and financial matters, and about $ 1.8 billion (over 1.5 1.5 billion) was allocated to the African nation.

Since then, the German government has oversaw the implementation of the conference results in June 2019 as part of a group of Sudanese friends formed at the initiative of the European country and consisting of various members of the European Union (EU) and the United Nations. States, as well as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and countries in the region. Precisely, the group held a conference call on Tuesday on the situation in Sudan.

In addition, from the meeting in Berlin, a Sudanese social program was launched in collaboration with the World Bank to mitigate the impact of economic reforms, as well as a major impetus to the country’s debt relief process.

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Germany’s cooperation in Africa extends to United Nations Integrated Assistance Mission (UNITAMS) in Sudan, which provides financial and personnel assistance, the ministry recalled.

Therefore, Germany’s assistance to Sudan in all these areas depended on the coup led by Abdelba al – Burhan, the head of Sudan’s Sovereign Council, and this happened on Monday, although Mass assured the “Sudanese people and Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdo”. Continue to trust the support of Berlin.

“The military coup in Sudan is a catastrophic event. It puts the country in a dangerous situation and calls into question the democratic and peaceful future of Sudan, which the international community is working for,” lamented the German foreign minister. It.

Mass has strongly condemned the military’s actions, including the arrest of the prime minister, who was finally released on Tuesday. Similarly, he has rejected “acts of violence” against participants in the struggle for “democracy” in the country.

“General al-Burhan and his supporters should not be allowed to block the path of democracy,” the German minister stressed, adding that the dismissal of the “interim government” led by “the release of the remaining prisoners must be canceled by the citizens” – al-Burhan dissolved the Sovereign Interim Council and the interim government.

The current situation has developed following a coup attempt in mid-September, according to a change of leadership led by a group of armed forces officers linked to Omar Hassan al-Bashir.

Interim powers were established after an agreement between the previous military junta and various civil society and opposition political organizations that emerged after the 2019 coup. This government has initiated social and economic reforms and reached peace agreements with key rebel groups in Darfur and other parts of the country.

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The September effort, however, exchanged criticism and accusations between civilian and military elements, deepening the political crisis, including al-Burhan’s demands for the dissolution of the government, which has led to clashes in recent days. Officers and the Army.