October 4, 2022


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Tampa Bay celebrates the second division crown in a row at MLB

WASHINGTON, Sept. 26 (Brenza Latina) Royos de Tampa Bay today celebrates its second straight crown in the Eastern Zone of the American Elite Baseball American League.

The day before, at their Tropicana Field Stadium, Tampa celebrated a 7-3 victory over the Miami Marlins, with eight games remaining for the Boston and New York Yankees (88-67).

The win was matched by Shane McLaughlin (10-6), who bowled five innings in which he had six wins and only one run, a tree ready, Mike Junino had a home run and two RBIs. In the fifth inning ..

Four hits in five visits to the Brandon Lowe plate, several beats including several doubles, stand out from the batting rectangle.

Dominican Republic pitcher Sandy Alcondara (9-4) was charged in the backhand after six innings in which he endured nine wins and three touchdowns to leave his ERA at 3.09.

Precisely, the New York Yankees beat the Boston Red Sox 5-3 and the Chicago White Sox, the midfielders, and the Houston Astros already closed the fight for the American type league wild card. West Points (91-64).


-San Louis-Chicago c. 8-5.

-Pittsburgh-Philadelphia 0-3.

-Houston-Auckland 1-2.

-New York Y.-Boston 5-3.

Kansas City-Detroit 1-5.

-Miami-Tampa Bay 3-7.

-Texas-Baltimore 2-3.

-New York M.-Milwaukee 1-2.

Toronto-Minnesota 6-1.

-Washington-Cincinnati 6-7.

-Atlanda-San Diego 10-8.

-Chicago WS-Cleveland 0-6.

-Los Angeles de-Arizona 2-7.

-San Francisco-Colorado 7-2.

-Seat-Los Angeles a. 1-14.

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