September 30, 2022

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Tehran and Caracas finalize 20-year strategic cooperation agreement

Iran And Venezuela This Monday they announced the finalization of a 20-year strategic cooperation plan, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Felix Placencia visited Tehran, EFE reported.

We are talking about a 20 year plan, It is certainly a powerful tool to build a deep relationship worthy of our countries and peoples, ”Plasencia told a news conference with its Iranian counterpart Hossain Amir Abdollah.

The Venezuelan politician confirmed the plan as a “deep strategic alliance”. Can be signed by the end of the year In the Iranian capital.

Abtolahian, for his part, confirmed that he is the President of Venezuela. Nicolas MaduroHe will travel to Tehran to attend the signing of the agreement.

“It simply came to our notice then Relations between the two countries are on a growing path. “, Abdulhyan promised. The ministers did not provide further information on a future strategic cooperation agreement.

Placencia arrived in Tehran on Monday, his first official visit to Persia, where he was welcomed by the new president, Ibrahim Raise. He described Iran as “a strategic, close and important ally of the Venezuelan people.”

Minister He attacked again United States For the handover of Colombian businessman Alex Chop, Protected as a diplomat by the Venezuelan government, of course money laundering.

Pleurisy qualified That action “Kidnapping”, “violation of Venezuela’s rights and sovereignty” and A bet to “hurt” the people of Venezuela.

Aptolahian showed his support for his Latin American counterpart on this issue. “We consider Recent arrest A diplomat Venezuela in Cape Verde and extradition to the United States The Iranian diplomat said it was a robbery and attack on Venezuela’s sovereignty.

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Iran is one of the key allies of the Nicolas Maduro government In 2020, when there was a severe petrol shortage in Venezuela, their relationship with the world was further strengthened by the purchase of the Caribbean executive to Persia.