October 4, 2022


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TEPJF cancels election in Tlaquepaque due to cardinal intervention

The reign of Chittagong Amaya in Jalisco’s Talakebak lasted several hours. The Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Court of Justice (TEPJF) annulled the election After Cardinal Juan Sandoval proved that Íñiguez affected the results When calling not to vote for Morena in the six days before voting day.

This Thursday at 5:00 p.m., The candidate of the citizens’ movement protested as mayor; An additional chamber of the Electoral Tribunal declared the election process invalid by a majority vote. Ordered an extraordinary electoral process.

The plan of Magistrate Felipe de la Mata Pisana highlights some phrases such as Archbishop Emeritus of Guadalajara spread six days in the middle of the election ban. “If those in power win, the dictatorship will come,” “We are going to be as poor as Venezuela, as Cuba.”

“This government has adopted the ideology of gender, which brings with it all the unnatural atrocities to stop and destroy the family, homosexuality and homosexuality”, “they associated themselves with criminals, cartels”, “I beg you to do two things this time: Go out to vote and don’t leave the field free for the bad guys.

The reporter told the magistrate It is noteworthy that a cult minister called on citizens not to vote for a political partyThis, in turn, was decisive in the election results and transcended the division of the Church and the State.

“The activity has not diminished as the church no longer performs government functions, but it continues to carry a moral weight in the community. No political force is separated from their expressions that affect the process, A call not to vote for a particular force ”.

Religious beliefs should not become the cause of the state: Ottora

Magistrate Philippe Fuentes Barrera, who first supported the plan, acknowledged that “religious symbols were used to influence citizens not to vote for Morena,” and Election officials must ensure that citizens cast their ballots under all pressure.

“In addition, he lives in that municipality, so he is a public and recognized person, and influenced the election results considering his church position. Supported by religious identity affected electoral preferences And it is inappropriate for him to have the Emeritus standard because his influence on the church system he belongs to will not disappear.

When the magistrate “This process is flawed in a decisive way,” John Ottora said He stressed that religious beliefs should not become the cause of the state because it creates “illegal religious interference”, which in this case was a major factor in the 2,529 vote difference between the first and second places.

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At this point President Magistrate Reyes Rodriguez Montrogan joined, and they agreed, Intensity is the third largest municipality in the entire state with Catholics., Which made minimal difference in the election results.

Sandoval’s messages are common, Choto, Infonde and Vargas agree

On the contrary, Judge Manica Sodo and her colleagues Indolfer Infant Gonzalez and Jose Luis Vargas disagree, Acknowledging that the news is general and does not directly refer to a political party, so it cannot be proven that he is referring to not voting for Morena.

“The message is very vague. The phrases taken do not say anything about who they are referring to. If it is speculated that it has affected the municipality, the ruling party is Movimento Ciudadano, it is now suffering,” Infonde said.

Vargas assumed that there were no elements to use for maximum clearance “I was confronted with a message that I did not share, it did not seem relevant, it seemed irresponsible, but I believe we have a duty as a responsible court to analyze the seriousness of the facts, the circumstances and whether they are generalized and decisive. One video is enough to affect the electorate.”

Until the last moment, when Judge Rodriguez Montrogan announced the direction of his vote and created a tiebreaker in favor of the vacuum, Vargas insisted until the last moment in inviting his colleagues to reflect on the impact of this decision This is against the will of the citizens.

We said yesterday before the intervention of organized crime, that we do not have enough evidence to invalidate, today we do not have an explicit call to vote for someone in favor of a video, I see the call to go out to vote on it enough, enough. It seems that we are imposing a dumb policy that is not worthy of discussion and awareness”.

However, The judges felt that the case could not be compared to the governor of Mikovakan It refused to cancel the election despite acknowledging the involvement of organized crime in four municipalities.

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Four votes in favor and three votes against The election tribunal overturned Tlaquepaque’s decisionTherefore, the new council cannot be established this Friday and another election must be held.