October 6, 2022


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Thank you for sending solidarity aid to Cuban Foreign Minister Nicaragua

Havana, August 7 (Brenza Latina) Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez today thanked Nicaragua for sending its “brotherly people” and its food as a solidarity aid.

On his Twitter account, the foreign minister expressed his sincere gratitude to the Central American nation led by President Daniel Ortega, and said that the unity between the two countries “challenges the criminal consequences of the immoral siege”.

The previous day, the Augusto Caesar Santino ship had arrived in the Antilles island with 30 containers of food items, which, according to Cuba’s head of science, technology and environment (SIDMA), Elba Rosa Perez, would be immediately distributed to the public.

The ship was received at the container terminal of the Marial Special Development Zone, 45 kilometers west of Havana, which was also attended by Nicaraguan Ambassador to Cuba Louis Cabrera.

The ship’s captain, William Antonio Boss, said he and his crew had dutifully completed the task entrusted to them by the Nicaraguan government and promised to be ready to do all the work proposed to support. Fraternal people Cuban.

For his part, Sidma thanked Minister Nicaraguan and promised that no matter how difficult the situation, Cuba and Nicaragua would stand up and continue to uphold unity as a standard.

The island of Antilles is experiencing a period of crisis caused by the intensification of the economic, trade and financial blockade imposed by the United States, the devastation of the Govt-19 epidemic and the contractions of the economy derived from it.

In this context, the Caribbean nation received aid from regions such as Mexico, Bolivia, Venezuela and Jamaica, as well as shipments from Russia and China, mainly for food, medicine, supplies and medical equipment.

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