October 6, 2022


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The Afghans fought for a second day demanding their rights from the Taliban

Afghan women protested for the second day in a row this Friday, September 3, 2021 Taliban Their rights and participation in future government Afghanistan, Until now they were seldom counted for Islamic rule.

A day after a similar demonstration in the western city, a protest involving about twenty women took place in Kabul Herod, Like yesterday’s unpublished act, they demanded today. “Education, work, freedom“In New Afghanistan.

One of the organizers of the event, Sameera Kyrgyz, Explained to EFE Resistance Women from all walks of life in the Afghan community participated, calling for “meaningful participation in public life” in the country.

Women should be included in the new Taliban cabinet (2) The Taliban must be firm in its promises that women will enjoy all their rights in future government. The International Community He must not forget us, he must listen to our voice and work to protect our rights, ”the activist stressed.

Many women still remember the previous Taliban regime between 1996 and 2001 in which they were kept indoors and barred from going to work or school, some fears may now recur.

Some slogans include “a heroic cabinet in the presence of women” or “political participation; women, basic law”. Banners Holding OpponentsThey vowed to stand together against “repression” and not give up when demanding rights against the Taliban.

The Taliban are asking for patience

The Taliban ended their rapid offensive in Afghanistan on August 15 Acceptance, So far they have not counted on women to discuss something new Afghan government, Which is expected to be announced soon and will be governed by Sharia or Islamic law, which will also determine the presence of women in the country.

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The Islamists promised that their government would be “all-inclusive.” Tribes and Tribes dCountry, but in the case of women Fundamentalist leaders They have been asked to wait to find out what the new guidelines are, meanwhile, saying female officers will be paid at home.

“All Afghans, including women, will enjoy their happiness Rights The role of women in the future government, but in politics, will be decided and will become clear once the new government is in place, ”a Taliban spokesman told EFE today. Bilal Karimi.

The demonstration echoed widely on social media, with such humanitarian organizations International apology “How women’s rights are threatened in Afghanistan, and (and) they refuse to remain silent.”

“A government without women will not last and will not be sustainable. We will not accept a government without the participation of women and we will oppose it,” she told EFE. Basira Taheri, The Taliban do not call women who did not turn dark twenty years ago, they are a women’s rights activist and organizer in Herat on Thursday.

Challenging, The Activist She had already hoped that this would not be the last struggle and that women from other Afghan provinces would already be in touch to contact her again. Demonstrations In the days to come, a woman with rights will show her determination towards the future.