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The Argentine government has accused Macri of “smuggling” weapons into Bolivia

This content was released on July 14, 2021 – 11:45 PM

Buenos Aires, July 14 (EFE) .- The Argentine government on Wednesday confirmed that it was seeking to determine whether former President Mauricio Macri (2015-2019) was involved in the smuggling of ammunition into Bolivia. 2019, aimed at suppressing protests after Evo Morales stepped down.

“This is the first time that we, as Argentina, are ashamed. The democratic leader of our country would have cooperated with a conspiracy in a fraternal country,” Justice Minister Martin Soria told reporters in Buenos Aires.

The Alberto Fernandez government, which took office in December 2019 after defeating Macri in the October election last Monday, has criminally condemned the former president and several former officials for allegedly sending ammunition and anti-riot equipment to Bolivia in parallel with his inauguration. Jeanine Áñez became President on November 12, 2019, taking over the power that Argentina considers a conspiracy against then-President Evo Morales.

Soria explained that the complaint was for the crime of “bad smuggling”, “for falsifying information or providing false information to customs officials.”


In particular, the current government has left the country to protect the Argentine embassy in La Paz, but it has finally set its sights on the fate of the 70,000 “anti-torture weapons” that have not been used or approved for that purpose. By the Bolivian Police.

“The government of then-President Mauricio Macri sent an elite group called Algrens of Gendermary to strengthen the security of the ambassador, the embassy and his family and staff inside the embassy,” he told his defense minister. , Sabina Frederick, departs.

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According to Gendermary, who launched the administrative and disciplinary inquiry, the officer noted that all ten officers came with weapons and ammunition that fulfilled the records associated with it, and that, on November 12, 2019, those 70,000 weapons were carried “on the same plane.”

But he added that the Alejandro force in La Paz “did not fire a single shot”, not with the weapons under investigation or with the approval of the Bolivian police: “In addition, the Alecrano group is not ready to use these weapons, or have demonstrations”, he added.

Polemic letter

After Morales left office two days ago and took office as President of Boze, Argentine troops arrived in La Paz, denouncing the victim of a conspiracy amid heavy protests in the streets.

Just last week, Bolivian Foreign Minister Rogelio Meida addressed the Argentine ambassador to La Paz, Normando Alvarez, after releasing a letter from Gonzalo Terceros, commander of the Bolivian Air Force.

In the memo, he thanked Terseros-Alvarez, a detainee in what is known as the “coup” case, for his cooperation with the FAB and for receiving 40,000 AT 12/70 rounds of ammunition, including “war material”.

“He thanked the ambassador (…) for sending all the weapons and ammunition that did not comply with what was reported in Argentine customs and the ANMAC (National Agency for Controlled Goods) .GenderMary requested,” Soria stressed today.

Judgments of justice

To complete the 70,000 interrogation, Frederick noted that 30,000 ammunition had to be added to the 40,000 named by Terceros in his letter, which were found in a police warehouse in Bolivia.

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“These weapons and ammunition would have had another purpose, and the crime of aggravated kidnapping would be structured with other types of crime that would automatically file a criminal complaint,” Soria added.

As for a possible request, on the part of Bolivian justice – which is investigating what happened – to hand over the officials of the previous Argentine government, the Minister insisted that if the case arises, it should be the Argentine judge who decides “whether or not to continue handing over an Argentine citizen, whoever he is”.

Macri denied that he sent “dangerous” ammunition to Bolivia last weekend, and condemned the “harassment” against his family and his associates by the current Argentine executive. EFE

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