September 29, 2022

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The best medicine for the heart

Warmth is the best treatment or medicine for the soul, not just for man: in that moment of pleasure, comfort, peace, relief different kinds of animals are captured by the photo lens. When two or more people hug each other, hearts beat.

Today, January 21, is World Warm Day, which began in Michigan, USA in 1986 at the initiative of Kevin Sophorni, who, since then, has realized that the digital age and social networks are the fantasy of the future. Cooling of affection among people even within the family womb.

Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.

Hugging is synonymous with health, giving us a positive vibe capable of expelling us from unwanted episodes, experiences, happy passages, apparently restoring lost moments in life in memory, which helps to lower blood pressure. It makes us feel safe and confident.

However, hugs currently go hand in hand with two shortcomings, in addition to technological advances, there are measures to prevent the Govt-19 epidemic, which, due to physical and social deviation, health, liability and safety, went into the background.

But since not everything is black and white, a warmth is the best sign of affection and attention for a grandfather who is overwhelmed with infection, especially as long as he is careful, especially when using masks. And several months in prison, to a friend who suffered the loss of parents and siblings and family.

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