September 25, 2022

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The bill in question will be debated by the Colombian Senate

Bogot, Colombia’s congressional senate (bicameral parliament) will vote today on the bill in question, which proposes to expand the attorney general’s’ jurisdiction over the legislature.

One of the purposes of the regulation is that the event can act as a judge when there are barriers to dismissal or disability even in popularly elected positions.

Juanita Copertas, congressional spokeswoman for Allianza Verde, added that the plan was to create 500 additional jobs in the midst of the economic crisis.

The user on the Twitter network, identified as ‘Diecard’, made an urgent appeal at demonstrations in Colombia in the wake of the national strike, calling for the ‘immediate halt to that massive project of providing powers to corrupt lawyer Margarita’.

‘This plan will directly affect the next Congress elections. Lots of eye! ‘, He warned.

Senator Roy Perez explained that the bill “makes the Attorney General’s Office a judge.” In the hands of the Attorney General’s Office are all the leaders, especially all the alternative or independent mayors and governors who are not part of the government coalition. ‘

The hair proposal was signed by President Ivan Duke on April 9 and tabled in the Senate Secretariat on April 16.

Duke soon sent an urgent message to the Republican Congress for discussion.

The Duke’s message points out that the plan “proposes to the Attorney General’s Office to authorize and prosecute all civil servants, including the general election, without distorting its institutional tradition.”

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