September 30, 2022

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The Brazilian Parliamentary Commission submits a report on the management of Bolsanaro in the face of the epidemic

Jair Bolzano expressed his disapproval of the epidemic and called those who set themselves apart in compliance with isolation “fools.” Picture: Xinhua.

The Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CBI), which has been examining the performance of Jair Bolsanaro’s government for six months in the face of Govt-19, will release its final report today. The most serious allegations against the President of Brazil.

ICC President Omar Aziz confirmed this Wednesday’s presentation of a document prepared by Senator Renan Calhiros as a spokesman.

According to news portal G1, a new version of the report has been prepared and a number of people and companies will be charged during the crimes The Govt-19 epidemic has claimed 603 855 lives and 21 664 879 infections in the country to date.

Adaptation of the speech began to be sent to senators on Monday night and at the start of the board session on Tuesday, Aziz expected him to make recommendations against the allegations and shortcomings against Amazon Governor Marcos Rogario. .

Calheiros stressed that the final report would reflect the thinking of the majority of the committee and be open to consultation.

The draft report, which is still subject to change as of Wednesday, is over 1,100 pages long.

To the speaker, The federal government was unaware and chose to act in an unscientific and careless, careless way to deal with the epidemic, deliberately exposing the population to a definite risk of a massive epidemic.

According to the content, the government maintained a parallel cabinet to support measures in the health sector against scientific evidence.

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In addition, Worked with the aim of vaccinating people with what is known as herd immunity, Prioritized so-called early treatment without scientific support for performance, He accepted non-pharmacological measures such as social exclusion and the use of masks.

Bolsanaro’s administration “acted deliberately to delay the purchase of vaccines, a clear disregard for the lives of Brazilians,” the statement said.

With this X-ray, the reporter confirms it 24 different crimes have been committed, including murder, crimes against humanity, genocide of tribals, corruption, fraud in public auctions, obstruction and forgery of documents.

The report should recommend the prosecution of 69 people, as well as two companies, VTCLog and Precisa Medicamentos, which allegedly committed corruption in the sale of vaccines, citing Kovacs’ management.

Bolsanaro’s indictment should be sought for 11 crimes, including the genocide of the Calhiros tribe, which was unanimous.

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