September 30, 2022

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The Brazilian Senate has approved a report accusing Bolzano of nine crimes for his administration during the health crisis.

Jair Bolzano. Photo: Reuters.

The Brazilian Senate Commission on Tuesday approved a report in which President Jair Bolsanaro recommended being charged with nine offenses for managing a health crisis during an epidemic that killed more than 606,000 people in the country.

While it is now questionable to what extent the senators’ work will affect the far right, many analysts agree that Bolzano continues to have overwhelming support in Congress and that complaints are unlikely to affect him at the judicial level.

After the referendum, former US President Donald Trump sent a message of support to Bolsanaro, without mentioning the trial. For his part, in an interview with TV Jovem this Wednesday, the president described the commission as a “clown” but acknowledged that “the film is scary” and affects the economy outside of Brazil.

The report, which charged 78 people, including the president’s three children, confirms that Bolsanaro deliberately exposed people to mass epidemics through his statements and actions.

According to the document, Bolzano is responsible for infectious crimes that cause death; Violation of preventive health measures; வஞ்சகம்; Incitement to crime; Forgery of personal documents; Improper use of public funds; முன்னறிவிப்பு; Responsibility crime and crime against humanity.

The first seven charges are common crimes, imprisonment or fines, while responsible crimes lead to an ‘impeachment’ process in Congress and crimes against humanity will be tried at the International Criminal Court in The Hague in Holland.

But the Commission does not have the power to reprimand and its decisions will be forwarded to competent bodies such as the Office of the Attorney General, the Court of Auditors or the International Criminal Court in The Hague for further investigation.

Complaints were lodged Wednesday with Attorney General Augusto Aras, one of the president’s allies and authorized to take criminal action against him, over common crimes. The king has 30 days to file a complaint to the Supreme Federal Court (STF), but he can choose to archive the case.

On the other hand, responsible crimes should go before Arthur Lyra, the chairman of the House of Representatives, another great ally of the president, Arthur Lyra, and he does not seem to accept the ‘impeachment’ request.

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Crimes against humanity depend on the International Criminal Court and, according to O Globo, a final process can take five to 15 years.

Analysts agree that Bolsanaro will have the biggest impact in the run – up to the October 2022 election. .

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