January 18, 2021

The Canadian men’s football team reunites for the first time in a year

Canadian football coach John Hertmann says his extended men’s national team pool has about 88 players. Of those, 45 are expected to take Canada when it comes to pushing this year.

Canadian football coach John Hertmann says his extended men’s national team pool has about 88 players.

Of those, 45 are expected to take Canada when it comes to pushing this year.

Hertmann has only a handful of players at a camp in Bradenton, Fred, with the likes of Alfonso Davis of Bayern Munich and Jonathan David of Lilly not due to camp time. But Hertmann is looking forward to joining hands with his team after an extended layoff – just a few months before World Cup and Olympic qualification.

As the camp did not fall apart during the FIFA International Window, Hertmann summoned players from North America and elsewhere.

This is an opportunity for players like Toronto FC forward Io Aquino to show the Canadian team environment that he is still thinking about his international future. With 19 athletes born in 1997 or later, this is an opportunity to evaluate their qualifications for this year’s CONCACAF Olympic Qualifying Championships and see how they stack up against senior athletes.

“There are a lot of positives around this camp,” Hertmann said, adding that he has not had his team together for over a year.

A Canadian soccer video released on social media on Tuesday showed players arriving at their Florida hotel, subjected to temperature tests and COVID-19 tests. Players were subjected to a COVID test before departure and upon arrival in Florida, given the green light during the on-field sessions that began Monday.

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“This camp in the United States gives us a real opportunity to keep the players safe,” Hertman added. “We are aligning our protocols with US Soccer (which also has a base in Bradenton). The facility we have at IMG has the potential to create that bubble-type environment.

“It’s not the best for the players in terms of their enjoyment. But that’s our new world and we have to live. Again, this is a good product for March (World Cup qualification). We understand that is coming. “

Hertmann initially summoned 28 players to a camp running until January 24 in a bubble at the IMG Center in Bradenton, where the WNBA came back into action. Canada Soccer then added three more players to Vancouver’s Theo Bear and Toronto FC’s Joaquil Marshall-Rudy and Jacob Schaffelberg.

The two English-based players who were called up later withdrew. 18-year-old forward Theo Corbanu stays with the Wolves’ first team, while 17-year-old forward Marcelo Flores joins Arsenal’s under-18 team.

Corbanu is also a Romanian citizen and has represented Romania at the youth level – he made his debut for the Romanian Under-16 team – but has since shifted his international allegiance to Canada.

Florus has already thanked his father for his bloodlines at the Mexican Youth Program. Canada Soccer hoped that this camp would allow them to see how the other half were living. He has not yet pledged to Canada.

This is the same for Aquino who deserves to play for Canada, the US and Nigeria.

Aquino, 20, who was born in Detroit, moved to Canada when he was one, scoring 6-0 against El Salvador for the U.S. senior team last month. However, since he was a friend, he was not wearing a hat.

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Aquinola, who features Canadian-born brother Tom in the Canadian Youth Organization, qualified for Nigeria through the bloodlines of his parents.

The Canada camp includes two training trials against an hitherto undeclared opposition and an in-team fraud.

The Canadian men, currently ranked 72nd in the world, last lost to Iceland 1-0 on January 15, 2019 in Irvine, California.

The epidemic was then based on the Canadian program. A men’s camp scheduled for November in Europe was halted for 10 days on the advice of medical experts – and after several players contracted COVID-19.

“It was a roller-coaster,” Hertmann said.

The World Cup and the CONCACAF Olympic qualifiers are due to start in March.

“The engine was fully operational and we had to hit the ground with well oil,” Hertman said. “So with that in mind, we’re keen in March to get all systems and processes running again.”

The Gold Cup goes on in July, however Hertmann knows he has to pick his places with the call-ups given on the busy schedule – he holds it. World Cup qualification is exemplary.

Canada is finally scheduled to open its 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Bermuda on March 25, the first of 20 possible matches if the Canadian men book a ticket to Qatar.

After opening the Group B game against Bermuda on the 169th, the Canadians play in the 193rd ranked Cayman Islands on March 28th and the 200th in Aruba on June 5th.

Former Curaao national team coach Remco Byzantini is in camp with Canada as a technical assistant. Most recently she coached at Juliana ’31 in the Netherlands.

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This report by The Canadian Press was first published on January 12, 2021

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