September 30, 2022

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The Chilean House of Representatives has approved the indictment against Pinara

Image: RT.

The Chilean delegation on Tuesday approved moving forward with a constitutional indictment against President Sebastian Pinera, which was put forward by a group of opposition parliamentarians as a result of the president’s involvement in an investigation known as the Pandora Papers. Now the process will go to the Senate, which, if approved, would mean the removal of the president.

After a marathon session with 78 votes in favor of the lower house and 67 votes against, three abstained.

In fact, this legislative session was characterized by its length: Socialist Party (PS) deputy Jaime Naranzo intervened for almost 15 hours to get to the campus after the isolation of another Congressman, Giorgio Jackson. Completed Monday. Thus, the strategy was to postpone the vote until Tuesday with all the necessary seats.

With this decision, The president can continue his duties, but should not leave the country.

The impeachment hearing should now be reviewed by the Senate. Two-thirds of the vote is needed to oust the president. If his opponents reach the vacuum, the succession line will continue with Interior and Public Security Minister Rodrigo Delgado.

Sale of Dominga Mining Company

The constitutional charge against Pinora comes after Pandora was embroiled in documents, It is learned that a businessman, a friend of the President, bought shares in the Dominga Mining Company, in which the President’s two sons participated. The transaction took place in 2010, at about $ 152 million, the British Virgin Islands, tax haven.

AboutIt is suspected that the head of state may have promised to avoid declaring an area an environmental protection zone in order to get money. Activates the mining business. In this case, the prosecutor’s office has already charged Pinara with possible tax offenses, including bribery and bribery.

The scandal happened immediately, but from day one the president declared himself innocent of any crime and assured that a Chilean judge had already acknowledged this at the 2017 trial. The problem is that the condition imposed in that court case is not mentioned. So the government did not intervene to stop the operation of the mine.

For this reason, on October 13, a group of opposition delegates filed a constitutional indictment seeking to promote his dismissal on charges of “immorality” and “damage to the dignity of the nation.”

Two more weeks before the election

Second, Presidential elections are scheduled for November 21 in South America. So far, the favorites to reach the second round are: Left-wing candidate Jose Borick from the I approve Dignity-Brad Front coalition and right-wing Republican Jose Antonio Cast. According to official candidate Sebastian Chichele, his popularity has waned in recent months.

Meanwhile, the current administration must also deal with the tension that has developed in the southern macrosone, where Piñera has ordered an exception status, which has already been extended twice. There, the national security guides the territory, controls the circulation and organizes organizational activities.

The order was accepted due to the turmoil in the context of the Mappuche conflict. Since then, the moment of maximum tension has lived on November 3, when a tribal man was killed after a military operation in the area.

Thus, in the midst of social unrest, with four months in office, the president is in danger of leaving office early.

(Taken from this RT in Spanish)

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