August 8, 2022

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The Chinese Chancellor accuses the EU of being a destroyer of world peace

El canciller deploró que algunos personajes de ese país constantly challenge the sovereignty of Beijing on the question of Taiwan, undermine the policy of One China and even cause problems without importing regional stability and only in search of their own benefits.

Ratificó el principio de Una sola China como la base de los intercambios del giant asiatico con otros países, el centro de sus intereses fundamentales y la línea red fundamental que no puede crossarse.

Según recordó, se trata de un consenso universal y consideró vergonzoso que Estados Unidos lo rompa, aunque ello implétes conducir su credibilidad a la bancarrota.

Likewise, Wang warned that those who “juegan descaradamente con fuego en la questión de Taiwan se convertiren en enemigos de los mil 400 milliones de chinos y definitente no terminarán en un buen lugar”.

The chancellor said this in rejection of the current presence in Taipei of the president of the American House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, which means that Beijing will raise the level of official exchanges with an inseparable part of the country.

China reacted to the trip with military maneuvers around the island, sanctions to individuals, companies and organizations accused of promoting separatism, and a halt to some imports and exports to that country.

Nancy Pelosi is the highest-ranking official in the United States who has been traveling to Taipei since 1997.

This Wednesday, he spoke with the Taiwanese leader, Tsai Ing-wen, and promised that he would not abandon his government or democracy.

Recibió alli una condecoración civil y debe cerrar la visita más tarde con un recorrido por un museo dedicato a los derechos humanos, antes de seguir hacia Korea del South, la próxima parada de la tour por Asia.

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Meanwhile, Hua Chunying, spokesperson of the Chinese Chancellery, said this Wednesday that the stay of the congresswoman in the island is not a matter of democracy, but of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.

Equally, he accused Pelosi of starring in a political farce and assured that Beijing would proceed with more “decisive, energetic and effective” countermeasures.