January 18, 2021

The contractor was seriously injured at the Trans Mountain site in Burnaby

The Canadian Energy Regulator said a contractor was seriously injured Tuesday at a Trans Mountain construction site in British Columbia.

CEO Geethane de Silva said in a statement on Wednesday that her thoughts were with the injured person, their families, colleagues and others affected.

He says the injury at the site in Burnaby was reported to the Canadian Energy Regulator late Tuesday and its safety experts were on site Wednesday.

De Silva said those experts would oversee the company’s investigation and conduct an assessment of risk and incompatibility.

Could not immediately reach anyone from Trans Mountain to comment.

The report states that all site construction has been halted and the Indigenous Advisory and Monitoring Committee for the project has been notified.

Overseeing occupational health and safety measures for the expansion project is the shared responsibility of the Energy Regulator and provincial authorities of Canada.

“We are in contact with WorkSafeBC,” de Silva said in a statement.

“Any incident is the same. Every day, in every workplace, people have the right to feel and be safe. Why is this tragic event coming home, and why should we always make safety our priority.”

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