October 4, 2022


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The death toll from the Miami-Tate building collapse has risen to 94

The partially collapsed building in Miami Date has been completely demolished.

The search for bodies found inside a Surface residential building in South Florida (USA) continues. Thanks to the work of the search teams involved in the rescue operation, they were able to capture four more bodies, viz The death toll from the crash rises to 94 this Monday.

Miami-Tate County Mayor Daniel Levine Kawa told his daily press conference The number of people missing since the collapse of the Champline Towers South building is 22 today and the number of those located is 222.

Of the 94 bodies recovered from the rubble of the 12-story building, Levin Kawa noted, 83 have been identified by local authorities. Relatives of 80 of the victims have already been notified.

“The process of creating identities over time has become more difficult,” Levine Kawa acknowledged, adding that the work relied heavily on DNA technology used by forensic medical offices, a process that could be slow.

“The dead may have been listed as missing until identified,” he explained. The mayor pointed out that a date has not yet been set for the completion of operations at the scene.

It was revealed at a press conference Although a member of the search and rescue team had been vaccinated, he tested positive for Covit-19 and was temporarily separated, as well as everyone close to him.

The bodies identified include two other nephews of Paraguay’s first lady Silvana Lopez-Morera, Miami-Tate police said Sunday: Lopez-Morera, 9, of Alexia Maria Betten, and Lopez-Morera, 6, of Anna Sofia Betten.

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The two were the children of the first woman’s sister, Sophia Lopez-Morera, 36, and their identities had already been identified by authorities, as well as the youngest of the children, Louis Lopez Morera III, 3, and 23 – year – old nanny Luna Villana. According to the Paraguayan embassy, ​​the bodies will soon be repatriated to Latin America.

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