September 30, 2022

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The death toll from the Miami-Tate landslide has risen to 12

The death toll so far has risen to 12. Photo: AFP

Authorities say a new body was found Tuesday (06.29.2021) in the partially collapsed building of an apartment building on Surface (Miami-Date). The death toll so far has risen to 12.

Miami-Tate Mayor Daniel Levine Kawa pointed out that 149 people are now missing since the crash last Thursday with this new confirmed death.

Levine Kawa said the population was 125 after considering figures obtained from different sources.

Part of the southern building of the Sampline Towers, which opened in 1981, collapsed at dawn on June 24.

In this regard, the Miami-Date County Attorney’s Office (Florida, USA) has confirmed that it “plans” to ask a large arbitral tribunal to intervene in the collapse case.

“I plan to ask our Grand Jury to reconsider the steps we can take to protect our residents without compromising any scientific, public safety or potential criminal investigation,” state attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle said in a statement.

After reviewing the figures obtained from different sources there are 125 peopleLevin Kawa said he supported the Miami-Date County Attorney General’s announcement Tuesday.

“On the morning of this tragic incident, I sent prosecutors to the scene of the disaster to cooperate with the engineers and other investigators,” the public prosecutor said in the statement.

“Since then, I have visited the show several times and we continue to provide all the help we need,” he added.

How and why it collapsed

According to Fernandez-Rundall, his office has a “long tradition of presenting cases to a larger arbitral tribunal than criminal cases” and has been serving the community for many years to assess matters relating to public health and safety.

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The public prosecutor cites a statement he issued in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew’s disaster in 1992, a statement that in his words “helped create better building codes”.

Families of victims trapped in the southern section of Sampline Towers have collapsed for as yet undecided causes and are beginning to despair at how they look. On the sixth day of the tragedy, only a dozen bodies were recovered.

“After talking personally with the engineers at the National Standards and Technology Institute, I know it will take a long time for the investigation to determine how and why the building collapsed,” says Fernandez-Rundil.

He explained that this was a “difficult and complicated task” and that he would not do anything that would “affect the findings of the investigation to prevent future tragedies like this from happening”.

“Our hearts and prayers go out to every victim, family member, friend and colleague affected by this tragedy,” he added.

As a state attorney, he promised that his team of attorneys and staff would act so that “the lost will never be forgotten.”

Part of the South Building at Champline Towers, which opened in 1981, collapsed at 1.30am on June 24.

In total and in a matter of seconds, 55 apartments fell into the 136 in the building, which is 40 years old.

According to firefighters, three million pounds (1.3 million kg) of debris has been removed so far with the help of heavy machinery.

(With information from DW)