October 4, 2022


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The era of complaints against social websites begins

Within two years of being hired by Facebook to clean up the dangerous debris on stage, Francis Hogan was exhausted.

The idealism she and many others had in her promises to correct Facebook’s mistakes was gone. It was clear that the technology company and its subsidiary Instagram were affecting their users and resisting change. The world needs to know what is going on.

Haujan, a 37-year-old data scientist, said last week when the US Congress agreed to testify before about the damage to Facebook, it was the most important decision of her life.

For social media, which has become one of the most powerful forces in modern society, the warning was clear: the time for whistleblowers has come.

“What am I doing here?” Some awareness has begun to emerge among employees at the big tech companies that are wondering. .

“When you ask that question to hundreds of thousands of people, it is inevitable that some will bring their complaints out in the open,” he added.

Hogan is by far the most common of such whistleblowers. Their complaints that Facebook and other sites are harmful to children and incite political polarization – something filtered out by internal investigations carried out by Facebook – are very serious.

But Hogan’s most recent public whistleblower – there have been many before. Almost all of them have been women, and experts point out that this is no accident.

Despite the improvements, women in the technology sector, especially ethnic minorities, remain in the minority, says Ellen Pow, an executive who accused Geiner Perkins of having gender bias in 2012.

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This reality makes women very critical and “allows them to see the problems of the system in a way that those who benefit from it and those who are more rooted in the system cannot see,” Pav said.

In recent years, employees at companies such as Google, Pinterest, Uber and Theranos, as well as other Facebook employees, have come forward to raise the alarm they see as abuse of power by top management.