September 29, 2022

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The Israeli prime minister wants to form a new far-right coalition

Tel Aviv, Jan 30 (Prensa Latina) Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett is trying to form a new far-right coalition to face possible elections in the country, including several partners in the current coalition, media reports said today. .

According to Channel 7, the radical Nationalist Alliance, among others, belongs to the Bennett-led Yamina Party, with the exception of Israel’s Beitenu and current Economy Minister Avigdor Lieberman; And Nueva Esperanza, Minister of Justice Gideon Saral.

In a series of separate interviews with several Israeli newspapers, the head of government opened up about the opportunity last Thursday.

It will be a new right-wing camp rival to the traditional “nationalist camp” led by the Likud party, led by former prime minister and now top opposition figure Benjamin Netanyahu.

Due to the growing differences between him and Bennett, the head of the Interior, Yamina’s No. 2 income Ailet Shake’s future is uncertain, the source said.

In the past, both have served during Netanyahu’s tenure, but have since distanced themselves from politicians.

The so-called nationalist camp has been led by Likud for decades, affiliated with extremist right-wing or conservative organizations united by Sass, religious Zionism and Judaism Torah.

The eight parties that make up the weak coalition that rules the country represent different ideological tendencies, which has caused many conflicts among its members since they came to power in June last year.

Labor, the left-wing Merediths, the United Arab Emirates and the centrist blue and white differ in many respects from the positions taken by the Yamina, Israel, Payton and New Hope parties.

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