October 6, 2022


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The Justice and Interior Ministries are blocking the government in Lebanon – Brenza Latin

The Lebanese anti-Islamic delegation is mediating with the Christian Freedom Patriotic Stream (CPL) party to expedite the formation of the next administration. It aims to face the worst economic and financial crisis in the country in decades.

Candidates for ministerial posts, including Lebanese President Michael Aung and Prime Minister Najib Mikhtar, are focusing on who will take over the leadership of the Interior and Justice Ministries. Mikoti insists on allocating those portfolios to Sunni Muslims loyal to him, while Aun and CPL claim ownership of their subsidiaries.

Those two portfolios will play a key role in the foreseeable future; The Interior, with next year’s parliamentary elections, will lead the fight against corruption and justice against treasury looting.

Hezbollah sources described the talks between Aun and Mikoti as a constructive situation, but determining the two allegations above prevents a speedy resolution.

He also dismissed allegations that God’s party was reducing cabinet appointments in Lebanon for regional operations, citing dialogue between Iran and world powers over a comprehensive plan for a joint operation or nuclear deal.

“We support the speedy formation of a government to solve many of the country’s problems and prevent a socio-economic catastrophe,” the Daily Star reported.

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