October 4, 2022


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The meeting between the Presidents of Russia and the United States – Escomprey – offers limited opportunities for success

Both leaders agree that the meeting is taking place at a time when bilateral relations are at an all-time low. (Photo: PL)

US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin will hold a meeting in Geneva on Wednesday, which experts see as complex and limited opportunities for success.

The two leaders agreed that the meeting on Wednesday would take place at a time when bilateral relations are at an all-time low.

The head of the White House arrived in Geneva this Tuesday, after holding meetings with his closest allies, the G7 and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), to try to dispel the image of chaos in the White House where his predecessor left. , Donald Trump.

Biden arrived on an Air Force One flight at Coitrine International Airport, where he was greeted by Swiss President Guy Burmelin and other local officials amid tight security.

The Russian president will arrive directly from Moscow in the next few hours, while his delegation, formed by his adviser on international affairs, Yuri Ushakov, is already on Swiss soil; Chancellor, Sergei Lavrov; And Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryapkov.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov; Ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov; And Valery Kurasimov, head of the General Service of the Armed Forces.

According to details released by the Russian president on Tuesday, the two presidents’ visit to the Villa la Grange facilities for the summit is scheduled for this Wednesday at 1:00 pm local time.

Putin and Biden, who will be the first to arrive at the venue, will then be welcomed by Swiss Confederation President Guy Formalin, who will then pose for a photo of the start of the event, beginning at 13:15.

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The first meeting, in reduced form, will be attended only by Lavrov, Blinken and translators, and will last more than an hour, with the first meeting starting at 2:30 pm in an expanded setting, with five members each.

The second part of the meeting, with a similar structure, will continue at 16:15 local time, according to Russian officials.

Official spokesmen for the White House-led delegation told reporters that the meeting between the two politicians would last about five hours, after which each would hold a separate press conference.

As for the summit’s expectations, Biden has acknowledged his uncertainty in recent days, and his only goal is to bring relations between Moscow and Washington to a more predictable and stable situation.

On some of the issues that divide the two leaders, the Russian side is clear in defending its sovereign decisions on domestic and foreign policy.

In that sense, Putin reiterated that the Ukraine issue is a “red line” and rejects the notion that the country is part of NATO; Pointing out that Crimea is Russian, he told Kiev to talk to eastern Ukrainian separatists if it wanted to reclaim territory in any way.

Biden plans to confront Putin on a number of issues that have been repeatedly rejected by the Kremlin in recent months, including cyber attacks by Washington accusing Moscow, election interference and intrusive comments about the internal politics of Russian officials.

Following the meeting with Putin on Wednesday, Biden will return to the United States to conclude an eight-day visit, which will include meetings with NATO leaders and NATO leaders.

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