September 25, 2022

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The Ministry of Education now has no date for the start of classes

About a month ago, representatives of the Ministry of Education said that the school term would begin in September, despite the problems caused by the epidemic, and now the order “changes the mind” and announces that there is no date to resume lessons.

Castro Education Minister Ena Elsa Velasquez has promised that Copiella will not give dates for the start of school operations.

During a tour of schools in Santiago de Cuba he said “we are not giving a date because we have to wait for the epidemic conditions to improve … but it will be announced in advance”.

Similarly, according to the information he gave to Castro’s television, they have already informed all provinces about this decision not to set a start date for classes.

This marks a contradiction for the Castroist ministry, which ignored the island’s crisis epidemic situation in July and announced that classes would begin next September 6th.

On that occasion, they explained that it would take students at least 19 weeks to complete the previous syllabus, integrate the content, and acquire new ones in each grade and subject as defined in the syllabus adaptations.

The new decision acknowledges the reality of the corona virus that is affecting Cubans, who will not take dictatorial action before then, or who will not be able to cope with the supply of drugs and medical supplies to the country in an attempt to save Cuban lives.

For now, Cuban students are waiting for the new start date of classes and in this case what appears to be a new paradox of Castroism.

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