October 6, 2022


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The National Urban-Environmental Program is to be presented in Costa Rica – Brenza Latin

Titled the National Urban-Environmental Agenda, the project aims to improve the quality of life of citizens and protect cities as determining production methods for national competitiveness.

The call for action to kick off the anniversary celebration also indicated that the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINE) would also hold a cross-talk on environmental restructuring in coastal, rural and urban areas.

They will also publish the results of land surveying in urban productive areas (MOC).

The National Urban-Environmental Program is promoted by Minneapolis, Ministry of Housing and Human Settlements, and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

This activity will be carried out almost exclusively with the participation of the first lady Claudia Dobles; Minneapolis, Andrea Mesa and heads of housing and human settlements, Irene Campos and UNDP Resident Representative Jose Vicent Troy.

On June 5, World Environment Day is celebrated, but Costa Rica will be celebrating the event and tomorrow, in addition to this afternoon’s presentation on the National Urban-Environment Program, will have a cross-talk about marine ecological restoration. Coastal landscapes, rural and urban.

Mina announced that each block would represent representatives of the academy, public institutions and civil society around the same thematic axis, confronting theoretical approaches with practical solutions nationally and internationally.

With regard to this portfolio, the purpose of this process is to achieve a discussion that is nurtured from the perspective of experts on the subject and is enriched by the voices of actors who work day in and day out in environmental restructuring.

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