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The new vote count has gone without a majority of women in the Icelandic parliament

This content was released on September 27, 2021 – 06:28

Copenhagen, September 27 (EFE) .- For the first time in its history, Iceland will not have a majority of women in the Alingi (parliament) and, after a new vote count, will not be the first country in Western Europe. Transferring the initial reservation in a constituency.

The Icelandic chamber consists of 33 men and 30 women, not 47.6% and 52.4% of the total, as announced yesterday after the vote count in Saturday’s assembly election.

The reason is that the narrow difference between the various parties led to a new referendum in the Northwest constituency, which changed the allocation of so-called errors and compensation orders, although the election of half a dozen delegates was not distributed seats between different parties.

Asa, John Paul Johnson has taken the place of his Social Democratic ally Rasa Bizerk Brinjolfstadir; Gosley Rafn Alafson, Del Preto Prada, L. Leina Ron Taha Karim; O’Arry Paul Johnson, L. D. Helmfrauder Ranadattir, Ambos del Movimento de Escierta Verde.

The unprecedented coalition that has ruled Iceland since 2017 has consolidated a majority in the election between the Conservatives, the “progressives” and the red-green (Prime Minister Katherine Jacobstadter), but this fall raises doubts about the future of that galaxy. Instead some core formation can go inside.

The Freedom Party won the most votes with 24.4%, the Progressive Party with 17.3%, and the Red-Green with 12.6%. EFE

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