September 30, 2022

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The Panama ship hijacked in the Gulf of Guinea has been rescued – Prinza Latina

The incident was reported by several local media outlets, citing digital publications such as Trit Global (United Kingdom) and Maritime Bulletin (Russia), which specialize in maritime security.

The last media outlet promised that the Russian naval team patrolling the area had rescued the container ship and its crew through a joint operation of the wreckage of the Academic Bash tanker, the Altai tugboat and Vice Admiral Kulakov. MSC Lucia.

“When they saw the helicopter approaching, the pirates abandoned the ship and fled,” the maritime bulletin said, based on a statement from the Russian Defense Ministry, confirming that the container had been released and that it was heading for its destination. , Taken by units of the Russian Northern Navy.

MSC Lucía departed from Lomé port in Togo towards Douala in Cameroon yesterday, 09:00 UTC (13:00 local time) was attacked by pirates as they quickly left the ship in a boat. To the beach, but they were photographed from an army helicopter.

Guinea’s Gulf is considered to be even more dangerous against Russian ships due to the frequency of pirate attacks, which is why the Eurasian navy has been patrolling the region for three weeks as a means of protection for trade routes. .

In February 2018, the Marine Express ship flagged off in the country of Isthmus went missing in the area and after several attempts they were able to recover 22 crew, ship and cargo, the Panama Maritime Authority said.

Kidak Lim, general secretary of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), expressed his “great concern” over the increasing number and intensity of attacks on ships and crews in the Gulf of Guinea last February, the company’s digital portal said.

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The IMO made recommendations to its member states and formed a panel of experts to prevent and thwart piracy operations in the West African seas, and they assessed the situation and proposed solutions to mitigate insecurity in the region.

The organization’s dialogue with Nigerian officials is aimed at strengthening maritime security along its coasts, for which it has called on other governments to provide effective assistance in overcoming the harassment of trade navigation.

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