July 2, 2022


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The pilot project lays the foundation for the prison census in Ecuador

In a statement, the National Service for Comprehensive Attention to Adult and Juvenile delinquents (SNAI) noted that the program was carried out over two days with a sample of prisoners from the Cotopaxi 1 Freedom Deprivation Center.

The initiative involves a number of organizations, including the National Statistics and Census Bureau, which collected information through interviews with men and women who have lost their liberties, a judicial process designed to categorize and understand sociological variables and prison conditions. .

SNAI clarified that there was previously an awareness phase promoting prisoner participation in the pilot program, in a responsible manner, in order to obtain real data tailored to their situation and needs.

The information collected will be treated as a priority group, maintaining confidentiality and respect for the rights of persons deprived of their liberty;

The census program, which saw two of the worst moments in prison history in this Andean country, which witnessed the violent deaths of 119 and 68 prisoners in September and November, respectively, received harsh criticism from the public.

According to reports, more than 300 inmates have been killed and dozens injured in clashes and riots this year in prisons in Ecuador, mainly in prisons in Guayaquil.

Citizens who feel the sector has been neglected in recent years are blaming the government for the situation, resulting in overcrowding, poor infrastructure conditions, a shortage of guides and control personnel, as well as social rehabilitation programs.

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