May 29, 2022

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The President of Bolivia entered the modern technology anticancer

“This legal equipo is a formal part of the Centric de Medicina Nuclear de Santa Cruz, which has more than 90 percent concentrations,” said Gabriela Alcón, vice president of the Medios periodicals, Communicacin.

Sef lan jefa del viceministerio adscrito a la cartera de la Presidencia, esos medios tecnológooss avanzada forrzzrn el tratamiento de enfermediades on eso nosocomio, el segundo estas kararactííasas que áááááá áá á

Alcin explicitly prioritized Gobierno’s unique status as an aesthetic integration in the Red Centros de Medicina Nuclear de Bolivia for combat padecimientos in oncology.

Los pacientes Pampa de la Isla tendron accessible diagnostic mediator tomography emoji positrones (PET / CT, por siglas en englis), which utilize pecos ants radiosondes as one of the most recent specials in the latest quotes. a travis del anlysis de las imigenes.

By now, you have access to radiotherapy with accelerodes lineage and chemotherapy for patients with oncology clinic.

Seis aceleradores lineales the ultimate technology for the ultrasonic destination of Bolivia in the red Centros de Medicina Nuclear and Radiotherapy de La Paz, El Alto and Santa Cruz, aseguró, por parte, la agencia Bolivian Agoria Bolivian ), Hortensia Jiménez.

En declares al canal estal Bolivia TV, the direct afirmó that insti sanitarius sanitarias account tombién con los denominados equipos imas Specto-CT para tomografa compotizizada de emimión photo.

Comment on the technologies that facilitate the identification of cambios in the most cellular, and the most sensitive detectives in the most inspiring queries or other tips.

On the other hand ABEN, the red inclination of the Braquiterapia of Alta tasa de dosis para los pacicimientos oncologicos.

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Describe Jiménez as the instrumental instrumental avanzada, the Estaro Plurinacional account with searches human capacities and specialties fantasies in el extranjero to interact with equipos multidisciplinary.

Precise is one of the most specialized physics, radios, galenos and techniques in medicinal nuclear, imaging and radiotherapy specialties.

The first institución asistencial de esta red quedó was inaugurated at the Al Elto in Marzo Ultimo; This is a preview of armchair activist Santa Cruz’s, the latest blockbuster product from 2023 in La Paz.

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