October 4, 2022


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The Prime Minister approved the request to renegotiate gas in Peru

The Prime Minister approved the request to renegotiate gas in PeruLima, Sept. 26 (Brensa Latina) The Prime Minister of Peru Guido Belido today recognized the demand for renegotiation with the Confederate Confederation of Natural Gas and rejected the hostile reaction of the neo-liberal and right-wing sectors against his attempt.
Peru’s resources cannot continue in private hands and in a way that is harmful to the people; It has been made clear in the election campaign that all Peruvians should have kamisia gas, ‘he said.

In his initial proposal, Bellido called on the federation to re-negotiate the distribution of profits in favor of the state, otherwise we would choose to recover or nationalize our deposit of the commission in the southern region of Cusco.

When they ruled against national interests, he said, “those who have always given us our resources want to give us today models of morality and lessons on how to govern.”

According to Belido, those rulers allowed foreign companies to exploit corporate resources because they were tired of leaving behind corruption and bribing those who allowed it.

For domestic gas “gas should be available to those who have the minimum, but we continue to pay international costs”.

If there is a mining company in a district and it does not have sidewalks, hospital, school or drinking water, all that needs to be discussed is to put it on the table, he said.

At a meeting with social organizations in the southern city of Arequipa, Belido announced that the government would not back down from fulfilling its promises and promised that there would be no ‘cover map’, with former governor Hollande Humla (2006) -11) resigning for the deep reforms it had offered.

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The request for renegotiation was approved by the ruling party’s general secretary, Peru Libre. We will reclaim the homeland taken from us a long time ago! The party and the people undoubtedly support it! He said on Twitter.

New liberal economists and politicians launched attacks against Belidov’s initiative and far-right MP Patricia Cyrinos uttered various adjectives against the Prime Minister and invited him to explain to the Republican Congress.

Martha Moiano, a legislator from the neo-liberal Fuerza Popular Party, pointed out that Congress, under a neo-liberal majority, would prevent the commission from healing.

Moyno, his party leader, Keiko Fujimori, in his recent campaign for the presidency, threatened to re-negotiate the deal with the Comicia Federation, but said it would benefit the country the most.

Energy and Mines Minister Evan Merino wrote on Twitter, “We encourage direct dialogue and maintain our open-door policy, and we will do things right.”

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