September 30, 2022

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The report on Govt-19 accuses Jair Bolsanaro of “crimes against humanity” and assures that he is not accused of “absolutely nothing” | International | News

The report accuses four ministers and 61 others, and condemns Bolzano for eight other crimes, including epidemics.


Brazilian President Jair Bolsanaro has been killed “Crimes against humanity” in the face of an epidemic that has killed more than 600,000 people in the country and its denial, This concludes the report of the Senate Commission that examined the administration of the health crisis presented on Wednesday.

The group’s trainer, Senator Renan Calheiros, condemned Bolzano for eight crimes, including four ministers and 61 accused, and crimes classified as death, violation of health measures, medical harassment and epidemics. Incitement to crime.

For his part, Brazilian President Jair Bolsanaro promised that he and his government would have “absolutely nothing” regarding the worsening of the Covit-19 epidemic, which has already killed about 600,000 people in the country.

“We know we can’t blame anything. We know we did the right thing from the first moment.” The president was speaking at an event on health infrastructure improvements in the municipality of Rassa in northeastern Brazil.

Other allegations include prejudice, falsification of public documents, misappropriation of public funds and assaults on office, all of which are included in the document submitted to the commission, which will decide next week whether to approve the report and send it to court.

The current ministers included in the list are Health, Marcelo Guerrero; Defense, General Walter Prague Neto; General Secretary, Onyx Lorenzoni; And the control office, Wagner Rosario, who is linked to other Bolsonaro collaborators such as former Foreign Minister Ernesto Arazo, is suspected of various crimes.

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These allegations are backed up by information obtained by a parliamentary committee, which has negotiated vaccinations until the serious allegations of corruption are levied on public health without proven effectiveness against the so-called “initial treatment” based on suspected chloroquine.

Further, Together with the government, they found evidence of a network of far-right activists spreading massive misinformation about the epidemic., Reducing its intensity in line with the talk maintained by Bolsanaro, who fought against all government preventive measures.

In the section Among those charged with “fake news” were three of the president’s sons: Senator Flavio, Deputy Eduardo and Councilor Carlos Bolzano, Who maintained the flu denial campaign on social media.

Paulsonaro was seen violating measures banning meetings and banning the use of masks, promoting chloroquine in official speeches and using large public resources to obtain it.

“In the end,’ by insistingEarly treatment ‘as the only policy to combat the disease, Bolsanaro strongly contributed to the spread of Govit-19 in Brazil He also showed that he was primarily responsible for the government’s wrongdoings. ” (I)