October 4, 2022


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The Russian ambassador returns to Washington with an agreement with the United States

Russia’s Ambassador to Russia Anatoly Antonov returned to Washington today, in accordance with the agreement reached at the recent summit between President Vladimir Putin and his envoy Joseph Biden in Geneva.

“I am optimistic,” the diplomat told Sputnik before leaving Moscow, where he was summoned three months ago for consultations on the deteriorating relations between the two countries.

After a meeting of heads of state in Switzerland last Wednesday, Antonov said he believed in “constructive work with US colleagues to build a relationship based on equality and pragmatism.”

Similarly, US Ambassador John Sullivan is expected to return to the capital.

A representative of the Kremlin in Washington visited the capital on March 20, after the breakdown of bilateral relations than during the Cold War, experts say.

The Russian Foreign Ministry declared that the political and diplomatic crisis was the result of Washington’s firm and deliberate policy, and warned that some statements by US leaders “threaten the deterioration of the relationship and are already highly contradictory.”

In a television interview, in addition to the two sanctions against Moscow in just six months, the US president called the Russian president a “killer” and promised to “pay a price” for trying to interfere in his country’s elections.

The Kremlin considered the US intelligence report that Russia was trying to influence the end of the 2020 presidential election to be baseless and baseless.

One of the few firm agreements in the Geneva talks is the return of Russian and US ambassadors to their jobs, but it will also help re-establish communication between the parties through diplomatic channels.

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