October 4, 2022


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The session of blocks in Chile was again suspended due to technical failures

This content was released on 06 July 2021 – 02:26 pm

Santiago de Chile, July 6 (EFE) .- The board of directors of the conference responsible for drafting a new constitution in Chile reported this Tuesday, for the second day in a row, that the body could not meet due to technical facilities, a situation that raised criticism against the government.

“We arrived very quickly, work has not yet begun (to run dependencies): the offices are not ready, there are no computers or printers,” complained member Eliza Lonson.

“The block conference should have been the first meeting yesterday. We are giving a bad signal to the country in this important process. There have been months to organize this and it has not been done,” he added.

The day before, the first draft session of the new Magna Carta was adjourned after the opening ceremony, and 155 constituencies had to leave the old National Congress, due to technical and health conditions with no place to prevent the spread of the Govt-19.

Jaime Pasha, vice president of the institute, confirmed that there were no improvements compared to the previous day and that Tuesday’s session would be purely institutional, trying to gain more dependencies and developing the facilities and health protocol of the University of Chile. With medicine with the authorities.

“If the conditions in this building are not met this afternoon, it is the responsibility of the government and we will meet at the headquarters of the University of Chile,” he said.

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The lack of organization led to accusations of leftist Frende Amblio (FA) opponents of “negligence” because, according to the rules, the Secretary-General of the President (Checkpress) “provided technical support, administration and finance” to the conference.

“The country cannot be exposed again to such an embarrassment,” Ossa said, adding that he would meet with the conference this afternoon to assess the situation.

The setback began with great tension and had to be suspended for an hour, following several constituencies condemning police repression against a group of protesters on the outskirts of the compound.

Despite this, the crowd changed, and finally, 155 constituencies accepted the position and, in a gesture of recognition for women and tribal people, elected Eliza Longan, a local educator, as head of the body.

The blockade process that has engulfed Chile is the solution that the parties have found to quell the wave of protests that erupted in 2019, and in addition to episodes of intense violence, about thirty people have been killed and thousands injured.

Against all odds, the Independents, who have no political affiliation, were the best winners of the constituencies last May (they took 48 of the 155 seats in the body) and now, it will be a year to shape the new text for the convention, which must be approved by 2022 with another referendum. EFE

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