July 2, 2022


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The top Haitian political leader can run for president

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PORT-AU-PRINCE (Sputnik) – One of Haiti’s main opposition leaders, the left-wing Jean-Charles Moss, could run in the next election as the political situation worsens after the assassination of President Juanell Moss.

“The former presidential candidate, Jean-Charles Moss, is linking himself to the position of the international community in support of the general election in Haiti later this year,” the digital site Wand Peff reported.

Jean Charles was third in the 2015 and 2016 election rallies where the assassinated president won amid fraud, corruption and canceled votes.

Haiti’s former first lady can run for office after assassination

With a broad base in the North, a department where he was a senator for six years, he was part of the hardline faction of the opposition, and with central bases such as the Popular and Democratic Department or the Fanmi Lavalas Party (left).

Jean-Charles refused to stand for re-election when Mons was in power and threatened to block the controversial constitutional referendum scheduled for mid-September.

Now he has proposed elections by the end of the year to move the country on the path of development, away from the long change proposed by his colleagues.

His new position reveals cracks in the opposition that have not been able to form a common front against the government in recent years, and that even three weeks after the assassination they have not reached an agreement on how the country should be run.

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Mural with the President of the Haitian Jowanel Mois, Assassinated July 7 - Sputnik World, 1920, 07.28.2021

The Haitian government is committed to elections and national talks

The new cabinet, led by former Member of Parliament neurosurgeon Ariel Henry, has called for reform of the electoral system, reviewing the voter list and redefining the process of guaranteeing the participation of all citizens.

Another surprise in the yet-to-be-planned next election is the participation of the widow of the former head of state, Martin Eddin, as he suggested to the press.

“President Jowen had a vision, we Haitians will not let him die,” he told the New York Times in his first remarks after the assassination.

When the political and social forces come to a consensus and call for an interim government, Prime Minister Henry meets with various sectors such as business and religion to start a national dialogue, emphasizing that elections are not about democracy and the rule of law. -Specified.