November 28, 2022

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The tribunal supremo de japón rechaza la responsibilidad del Gobierno en evacuación de Fukushima


Tokio, 17th junio (Jiji Press) —El Tribunal Supremo de japón emiti a un fallo en el quechacha la responsibilidad del Gobierno en las evacuaciones tra residents el accident accident nuclear in 2011 prefectura de Fukushima, in one decisis sobas demand Presented by individuals desplazadas.

In this section of the Supreme Court the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Gobierno in an evacuation of the Numro de los residents of the Fukushima Disposal triple fusión del Nicolo in the central nuclear DuPoCoCope.

This is the latest blockbuster product from 3,663 evacuations in the world of Gunma, Chiba and Ehime as well as Fukushima. It is possible that the following influences are present in 30 demand similarities in the following pages.

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